The Burren Band

The Burren Band

New CDThe Burren Band draws together musical influences from Ireland, Brittany, the Balkans with maybe just a touch of rock ’n roll. Featuring a variety of instruments (fiddle, whistles, low whistles, bouzouki, banjo, guitar, bodhran and bass), The Burren Band plays traditional Celtic and original tunes and songs.

The Burren Band’s second CD, Island of Woods, offers a variety of songs and instrumentals, and is available online from cdbaby, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon and other download and streaming services. The band’s first CD, The Western Shore, is also available online.

Their arrangements weave together traditional and modern influences ranging from full-tilt reels and jigs to airs and quieter sets and songs.

Named after the The Burren, an expanse of almost 100 square miles of limestone in County Clare on the west coast of Ireland (and surrounded by great musicians), the band has grown and evolved over the years and continues to explore new tunes and sounds.

The Burren Band has shared the stage with such Celtic notables as Kila, Setanta and Cathy Ryan (of Cherish the Ladies), and has played for folk festivals, dances, and pubs around the Pacific Northwest for over 15 years.

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